Statesman Premier Bingo Console

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Statesman Premier Bingo Console

Statesman Premier Bingo Console

The new Capitol. Statesman Premierbingo console offers user versatility and simplicity beyond compare, with the proven reliability for which our Statesman products are known.


  • Touchscreen Display: A fully adjustable 17" LCD touchscreen monitor moves up and down, tilts, and rotates. It also incorporates a touch screen that works seamlessly with the mouse.
  • USB Keyboard & Mouse: Depending on preference, operators can use a USB keyboard and mouse as an alternative to the touchscreen, or use all three input methods interchangeably.
  • Color-Coded Ball Tray: The ball tray assembly features an innovative design with color - coded number rows to match bingo balls, making game calling easier than ever.
  • Switch Panel: An easily accessible switch panel controls power to the light in the blower chamber, the mixer motor, and the main blower chamber motor.
  • Control Knobs: The two knobs on the operator’s side of the console feature dual functionality (push & pull) to control the ball tray and blower chamber.
  • Pc-Based Software Features: The Statesman Premier’s intelligent, user - friendly software features quick reference pop-up screens, easy-to-follow menus, and expanded programming capabilities – all with detailed and vivid color graphics.
  • Gameplay Screen: The live game screen displays all important game information, including the game pattern, a flashboard display, and a live ball picture-in-picture screen.
  • Verification Screen: After entering a free space #, the Statesman Premier’s intelligent software will display Winner or Not a Winner with the last ball number flashing.
  • Game Pattern Screen: Operators can choose from one of the several pre-built game patterns, or design a custom game pattern for the specific needs of their game.
  • Hi-Res Camera: A high resolution analog camera mounted to the movable ball holding mechanism transmits the live ball image to the ball monitors driven by the console.
  • Hd Video Output: Using a sophisticated data router and video converter, the Statesman Premier supports composite HD video output for player monitors & flashboards.
  • Advertising: With advanced multimedia capabilities, operators can create custom text and /or graphical advertisements to increase their sales.



  • High 33" x Width 57.25" x Depth 27.25", LBS 240

Bingo balls included.

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