Part 2, Playing the Optimal Number of Bingo Cards

2nd Nov 2014

In our last blog, BINGO! How to Increase your Winnings, Part 1, we talked about seeking out establishments that have a good sized prize, how that award money is figured and what the best odds are for you to win. Oh, and having a lucky rabbit’s foot, if you prefer a lucky talisman.

Another way you can increase how much you win is to play with more Bingo cards. Statistically speaking, if you play with two cards instead of one, your odds of winning go up. Likewise, if you play with six cards your odds increase accordingly. You may ask, “If I play with fifty cards does that increase my odds?” Well, yes. However, there is the risk with so many cards that you fail to catch and mark certain numbers on your cards.

In this case, it’s important for you to find your niche. This is the number of cards you can feasibly play without missing the calls. This number will be different for everyone. Attention spans, retention of information and speed of daubing the cards will all be factors into reaching your happy number. There may be days when you have to adjust the numbers, depending on your energy level, but we encourage you to find your niche while playing. It can be fun and exciting to play multiple cards at a time.

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