Don’t Let Bingo Harm your Health

6th Nov 2014

Playing Bingo can involve hours of sitting during long games. Unfortunately, while sitting for long periods of time sounds benign, it can cause many health issues that are otherwise avoidable through movement. It can create health problems because the body is wired for movement. Sitting causes many parts of our bodies to shut down while in rest and can create bad health results. Sitting for more than six hours each day can result in higher blood pressure, higher risk of cancer, weight gain, poor posture resulting in headaches and backaches, and can create an increase in cardiovascular disease. Fortunately, you can reduce the risk of all these and more health issues through a few easy tips.

  • Get up and move - Movement can help improve circulation and reduce weight gain. 60 minutes is recommended per day, but that can be broken up into what is manageable for you.
  • Maintain proper posture - Sit and stand like you have a string through the top of your head, like a marionette doll being held upright. Sit with your feet flat on the ground in front of you. Stretch your neck and shoulders and strengthen your core.
  • Adjust the distance of where your eyes focus - Focusing on only one distance can weaken the eye’s ability to focus at the opposite distance. Simply giving your eyes multiple breaks each hour and look alternately at objects further and closer to help exercise the eyes.
  • Laugh - The Mayo Clinic gives many short- and long-term benefits of laughter on a person’s overall health.
  • Eat right - Bring healthy snacks, drink water and prepare meals instead of eating fried or convenience foods. 

Don’t be held down to your chair by your Bingo equipment. Get up and move. Find opportunities to take care of yourself and avoid some serious health issues.