Don’t Let Bingo Harm your Health

6th Nov 2014

Playing Bingo can involve hours of sitting during long games. Unfortunately, while sitting for long periods of time sounds benign, it can cause many health issues that are otherwise avoidable through … read more

Part 2, Playing the Optimal Number of Bingo Cards

2nd Nov 2014

In our last blog, BINGO! How to Increase your Winnings, Part 1, we talked about seeking out establishments that have a good sized prize, how that award money is figured and what the best odds are … read more

BINGO! How to Increase your Winnings, Part 1

28th Oct 2014

Winning a game of Bingo can yield a cash prize, this motivates players to play. It also amps up the seriousness of the game. If you are serious about winning good money, keep reading. At its core, Bin … read more